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About IWT
The Institute of Wood Technology (IWT) was established in Noshiro City as an integral part of the Akita Prefectural College of Agriculture in April,1995. Nosiro City is historically known as one of the centers of wood processing industries, especially in the processing of natural growth and plantation Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) into high quality products. The ultimate objective of IWT is to establish an ideal utilization system for wood resources on a global scale. IWT researchers consider this as an important mission for the benefit of the future generations. Researches at IWT, a university research institution, are conducted through the generation of independent and creative ideas. Results are expected to be ingenious and universal but not necessarily answer the practical needs of the local wood industry. Therefore, the Akita Wood Technology Transfer Foundation(AWTTF) was established within the same building to coordinate with IWT in the common objective to change the Akita wood industries from "resource dependent" to "technology-based" type through IWT